All About Cougar Women

Beautiful Cougar Woman

Curious about cougars? Our guide to cougar women brings together everything you need to know about cougar women, from simple definitions to an in-depth look at cougar dating and relationships.

Learn the types of cougars, about cougar cub relationships, and why younger men dating older women is more popular than ever.

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What is a Cougar Woman?

The term cougar describes an older woman, usually in her 40s or older, who likes to date men younger than herself.

The stereotypical cougar is a well-dressed, confident woman who knows what she wants. Perhaps she is divorced, or maybe she has never married. It doesn’t matter.

What Age is a Cougar?

Definitions of a cougar vary, but most define a cougar as a woman at least 35 years of age and who seeks out men ten years younger or more.

Cougar Flirting with Younger Man

What Defines a Cougar?

Here is what sets cougars apart from other older women:

1. Cougars crave younger men.

Just like some older men are attracted to younger women, cougars want to date men at least ten years younger.

2. Cougars have confidence.

Cougar women feel sexy because they care about their appearance and put effort into maintaining their looks. Cougars exercise, eat well, and dress to impress.

Cougars don’t feel threatened by other women, especially not the younger counterparts of the men they seek.

3. Cougars are independent.

It’s important to a  cougar that she is independent and can take care of herself financially and emotionally. Cougar women are not looking for a young man to swoop in and take care of them.

4. Cougars like sex.

Older women have experience they want to share while satisfying their own libidos. Cougars don’t have sexual hangups and are not afraid of a hot one-night stand.

5. Cougars don’t seek cohabitation or commitment.

Cougars want to enjoy life without being tied down in a marriage or with kids. Sometimes, she has already lived that life and finally has a chance to be out on the prowl. Her happiness is not dependent on whether she has a steady guy in her life.

Of course, you will meet women who possess some but not all of these traits, but these are true blue cougar characteristics.

Sexy cougar woman biting a cherry.

Types of Cougar Women

The term ‘cougar’ isn’t the only slang for older women who date younger men.

If you’re a discerning guy who enjoys dating cougars, you may have heard a few different terms used to describe the experienced women you love.


A woman who is a puma isn’t quite in the cougar age range yet, but she still enjoys dating younger men. Pumas are usually in their late 20’s to late ’30s.

The guys a puma seeks are buff, adventurous men who can show her a good time and make her feel invigorated.


The term MILF, widely used after it showed up in the movie American Pie to describe Stifler’s mom, describes any hot babe who is also a mom. MILF stands for Mother I’d Like to Fuck.

Technically a cougar MILF can be of any age, but she usually is older and takes pride in maintaining her looks.


If a MILF is a Mother I’d like to Fuck, a GILF is a Grandmother I’d Like to Fuck!

Just because you’re of a certain age, it doesn’t mean that fun and sexy times have to stop. Many women over the age of 60 enjoy getting out on fun dates with interesting men who know how to treat them right.

The Cougar Cub Relationship

Don’t believe everything you read online. The media loves to paint cougar/cub relationships in a certain light, but we know that cougars and cubs are just regular people who appreciate each other and find each other sexy.

Cougars and cubs know that age is just a number, and they don’t let other people’s misconceptions about their cougar relationship stop them from enjoying each other’s company.

Cougars and Cubs Overcome Differences

Some people wonder how two people of different ages could get along so well, but if the chemistry is there, it’s there!

Sure, cougars and cubs might have a few differences now and again, but wouldn’t any couple? Bridging differences in a relationship is the spice of life and a great learning experience.

Cubs and Cougars Stay Together Longer

It’s a stereotype that cougars use their boy toys for a few nights of pleasure and then kick them to the curb. From many famous cougar cub relationships, you can see that longevity is in the cards, as long as everyone gets along.

Cougar Women are a Precious Dating Choice

Some wonder why a younger guy would choose to spend his time with an older woman. Just because a woman is in her forties or fifties, it doesn’t mean she is boring or unattractive—quite the opposite.

Cougars often love dating a cub who gives them a reason to get dressed up and go out on the town. Plus, cubs are specifically attracted to a mature woman’s curves, smile lines, and experienced ways of the bedroom.

Why You Should Date a Cougar

Dating a hot older woman doesn’t mean you can’t still hook up with girls your own age. It just means you double your opportunities.

You’ll also find that cougars are easier to date and much more sexually satisfying. Here’s why.

Cougars Have Sexual Experience

With age comes a vast array of sexual knowledge when it comes to pleasing a man. Cougars don’t just lie there waiting for you to do your thing.

You’ll not only be impressed with an older woman’s skills, but she’s also going to tell you what she likes.

Cougars Appreciate You

Those little things you do for women your own age, you know, the things that get no acknowledgment or are expected? Well, an older woman doesn’t take these gestures for granted.

Cougar women know a good guy when they see one and won’t be shy to show their appreciation.

Cougar Women are Secure

Women in their twenties are still trying to figure out who they are, and you might be too. So wouldn’t it be nice to be with a woman who is sure of herself, and confident in her body and abilities?

Cougars are Accepting

Cougars like younger men, quirks and all. They know you’re still searching for things, planning goals, finding your way. But a cougar will accept where you are and respect your individuality.

Cougar women also accept where you are sexually and are happy to teach you some new tricks.

Cougar Women are Honest

Younger women don’t always have the confidence to say what’s on their minds, but an older woman has no problem with this.

Honesty is fundamental if you think you want more than a sexual affair with a cougar. Open communication awaits you with a mature woman.

Cougars are Financially Stable

You can’t expect an older woman to support you, but you can expect her to have a solid foundation – her own place and the finances to do things younger women can’t.

There are sugar mamas out there, too, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Cougars are Self-Sufficient

A cougar knows how to take care of herself. Older women don’t expect a younger guy to swoop in and save them or attend to their every whim. At this point in their lives, things are running smoothly.

What a cougar wants is companionship, whether it’s just a sexual thing or something more.

Myths About Cougar Women

Now let’s address some common myths we sometimes — and unfairly — attach to cougar women.

Myth: A cougar must be a certain age.

Some say 35 is when cougar age begins. Others say 40, 45, even 50. Phooey. Our theory is that a cougar is any woman with ten years or more on her lover, whatever age.

When you’re a 20-year-old guy, a 35-year-old woman can seem ancient. Not so much with a 30-year-old guy. It’s all relative.

Myth: Older women are unattractive naked.

Are you nuts? There are women in their 60s who can out-fox a 20-something.

Sure, age makes a dent, but the effects of health and fitness are certainly not a myth. We should all be as diligent as these women. Not to mention luck: some folks have all the right genes to look hot and gorgeous forever.

Myth: Cougar sex is old-fashioned.

We’re talking about a woman who has years more experience than you or doesn’t have any hangups to try new tricks.

Anal, oral, doggy-style, group, BDSM — take your pick: these things have been around and thriving for centuries before your 40-year-old date came along.

Chances are it’ll be her who teaches you the ropes.

Myth: Cougar women are predators.

Can a cougar come on like a predator? Sure. But so can anyone.

Older women can be harshly judged for making the first move. The reason: she’s not a man. Otherwise, we wouldn’t bat an eye. And for the record, there are plenty of older women who’ve never made the first move.

Myth: All cougars have baggage.

Who isn’t likely to have a bit of baggage? The truth is many older women have had enough time and reflection to pack those bags away and move on to something more liberating.

How to Meet a Cougar

Older women are looking for love these days; there’s no question about that, with so many cougars on the prowl searching for sex and intimacy.

The big question that remains is, where can you find them?

Many of the hottest cougars go online and use cougar dating sites and hookup apps to find local men who know how to thrill them.

It’s as easy as making a free profile, answering simple questions, and searching through profiles posted by cougar women in your area.

After all that, how do you feel about cougar women? Are you a younger guy interested in becoming a cub?